Flowers & Ducks

On an overcast Sunday morning in November I caught up with this lovely family of four at the beautiful Wittunga Botanic Gardens in Adelaide, SA.  They have two gorgeous children aged 2 and 4, an age where every day they seem to grow and change in the blink of an eye.  They wanted to have some photographs taken, so they could freeze time, just for a moment.

Matilda showed up, full of excitement and with basket in hand.  She wanted to pick some flowers, so off we went on a stroll through the picturesque gardens (me, happily snapping along the way).  Master Parker, with the most gorgeous blonde curls, was a little more reserved, that was until we stumbled across the local inhabitants, a family of ducks, and right there, at that very moment in time, ducks were everything!!!!  And off he went!

It never ceases to amaze me the sense of wonder and adventure that a child can bring to the ordinary.  Children can turn a simple walk into a wonderful adventure!  Thank you for letting me come on your little adventure with you that day. 


Whitlaws Wittunga botanic garden_-37.jpg
Whitlaws Wittunga botanic garden_-40.jpg
Whitlaws Wittunga botanic garden_-4.jpg
Whitlaws Wittunga botanic garden_-42.jpg
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Whitlaws Wittunga botanic garden_-25.jpg
Carrie Jones