In-home magic!

Do you remember your childhood home?  I do.  I remember it so clearly and so fondly.  It wasn't the most amazing house, but it was the most incredible home.  Some of my most special childhood memories were made in that home.  

I was welcomed into this beautiful family home on a very warm Sunday morning so we could capture some beautiful family portraits.  Aside from the opportunity to escape the heat, what makes an in-home family photo session so special? 

People are comfortable and relaxed in their own home and when you're comfortable and relaxed your personality can really shine, and shine it did!  Miss Zoe was bursting with pride to show me 'her' bedroom, her favourite toys, her best dance moves! Master Benjamin, in awe of his big sister, was more than happy to join in the fun and was barely aware of the lady with the camera.

Not only does an in-home session allow me to capture your family's portraits in a comfortable and relaxed environment, it also provides the opportunity to capture a snapshot of your life at this very moment in time.  An in-home session means, in years to come you will be able to look back over these images and remember, not only the people, but the home, your sanctuary, where so many special memories are made, milestones are achieved and time with your family is cherished.

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