The Reality of Perfection & The Beauty in the Everyday

Family photographer adelaide

The Reality of Perfection

Traditional family photographs are about finding that elusive, perfect moment in time, where everyone is happy, smiling and all looking in the same direction, towards the camera.  Sure, it makes for a nice image, but of what? Do these moments really exist in our day to day life with a young family?

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.
— George Fisher

Why are we chasing the documentation of a "perfect moment"?  The perfect moment doesn't exist. The perfect time doesn't exist.  We need to quit apologising for the things that don't define us. A messy house, a dirty car, the random outfit your kid chooses to wear, our weight or our image.  Stop putting your life on hold in pursuit of the pipe dream that is perfection and start capturing YOUR reality! There is beauty in the everyday, we just have to allow ourselves see it!



Family is about embracing the chaos, the mess, the fun and laughter.  Celebrating the differences, the strengths and quirks of each and every family member, that all somehow come together to create an unbreakable family unit that provides us with endless love and support.....albeit with a few tears and headaches along the way.


Why Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is the art of the everyday.  Portraits of people and families in real-life situations, sharing moments that grow from organic connections. It's about celebrating everything that comes with family life.  A lifestyle family session give you permission to slow down.  To reconnect with your loved ones.  It's a chance to let kids be kids, spontaneous, candid, unposed and unapologetic!

Don't miss out on having photographs of this fleeting time in our children's lives because you were waiting for the perfect time, or waiting to find the perfect outfit.  Get your photos taken and have the tangible memory to treasure forever, you will never regret having them!