What to wear for Family Photos

Spring / Summer Style Guide

Gone are the days of “matchy matchy” family photos.  No more jeans and white t-shirts for everyone! Hooray!!  

What you wear to a family photo session is important.  It can make your photos that much better! Timeless outfits that don’t date and complement each other will give you a photo that you are proud to display for a lifetime!

Styling your outfits so they compliment each other can be a daunting task for some, so here is a quick breakdown and a few tips for choosing outfits for Spring/Summer to take your family portraits to the next level!

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1. Mums, pick your outfit first!

If you are feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, the rest of the family will also likely feel comfortable and confident.  This leads to gorgeous relaxed images focussed on pure connection.

  • Classic and elegant = timeless

  • Choose a flattering outfit that will stay in place.  Something that you don’t have to worry about keeping up or holding together.

  • Classic cuts, tailored pants or long flowing dresses/skirts are great options

  • Choose an outfit that makes you feel as fabulous as you are!

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2. Choose 2 or 3 colours to compliment your outfit

  • Complimentary colours are those that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. For example, pink and light blue or beige and navy.

  • Different shades of the main colour also work well. For example Navy blue and light blue, or white, cream and tan

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What to wear for family photos spring summer
What to wear for family photos

3. Select remaining outfits based on your chosen colour palette

Avoid large logos or images on clothing as they will date the image and distract the eye.  

What to wear for family photos in spring

For little ones:

  • Soft solid colours in simple styles, like a onesie, are classic.  

  • Keep it simple. Too many accessories, unnecessary shoes or giant headbands compete for attention

  • Bring a change of clothes in case of little emergencies

What to wear for family portraits babies
What to wear for family portraits kids

4. Consider Texture & Accessories

Layers and textures are flattering and a way to show personality but keep it simple

  • Keep hair simple and clean

  • Shoes are optional (particularly in home or at the beach!)

  • A favourite teddy or comforter can make the cutest accessory and can help to soothe a tired baby, and may add to the precious memory of your little one in years to come.

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Photos & Words by: Carrie Jones 2018