What to expect


What time will our session be?

I will work with you to plan your session, taking into account your preferences for location, timing and any special requests. 

A typical session lasts between 1-2 hours at an outdoor location or in the comfort of your own home.  The sessions are relaxed and free flowing. There is minimal posing and no forced smiles, rather I provide some gentle direction to ensure we make the best use of the environment and available light.

Following your session please allow up to 2 weeks for your images to be edited. You will then receive a link to access your online gallery where you can view all your images prior to ordering. Ordering your digital images and prints is easy! You can place your order via an online form that you will receive via email. Alternatively an in-person design and ordering session is also available in the comfort of your own home.  This is a great option if you would like some guidance on turning a digital file into a piece of art.  You will also have the opportunity to view samples of prints and frame styles and colour options that are available.


Outdoor portrait sessions are generally scheduled during “The Golden Hour”, the last 60-90 minutes before the sun has completely set. It is the time of day when the light is at its most perfect for creating stunning portraits. Golden hour varies with the time of year and with day light savings. If the golden hour falls too late in the evening for your little one, an early morning sunrise session is a great alternative!

In-home lifestyle sessions are much more flexible and can generally occur at any time of day. These are a great option if you have a newborn, or very young children who still nap frequently. I generally schedule these sessions either in the morning at 10am or at 2pm the afternoon around 2pm, and I will always do my very best to work around nap times etc

What should I wear?

This is a question I am asked a lot? And that’s great, because what you wear can take a good photo and make it great. A few tips I offer my clients are:

  • Choose timeless / classic clothing that wont date

  • Avoid large logos and branded clothing. These can pull attention away from the people in the photo

  • Mums, pick your outfit first! If you feel confident and comfortable in yourself you will set the tone for everyone else in the session.

  • Choose 2 or 3 colours that will compliment the colour your are wearing when selecting the families outfits

For more tips on how to put together photo-ready outfits, check out my blog post “What to wear for family photos”

For the Mum-to-be: If you are looking for a bit of inspiration check out Mama Rentals: www.mamarentals.com.au They offer a beautiful range of boho style dresses ideal for a lifestyle maternity session.

Also you mention that your lifestyle maternity session is with Carrie Jones Photography you will receive 15% off your rental gown.

What if it rains?

No problem! If you have booked an outdoor session and rain is imminent we will reschedule the session. Alternatively, you may wish to change from an outdoor location to an in-home session, where come rain or shine will can go ahead.

What should I bring to an outdoor session?

  • Outdoor sessions are all about spending quality time together as a family and most of all having FUN! There will be laughs, hugs, play time and plenty of tickling. Here are a few ideas to ensure your outdoor session runs smoothly;

  • Bring snacks (but don’t tell the kids) and be careful of foods that stain clothing! A child’s favourite biscuit, dried fruit or lolly can often be a game changer for a hangry kid! Don’t forget some wipes.

  • Don’t expect that those outfits will stay crystal clean or wrinkle free! They wont, and I’m totally okay with that! Because the fun and spontaneity of the moment will create the most natural, emotive and exciting images.

  • If you have children that are full of beans, fantastic! I love these kids. I have these kids. I could chase them around, capturing their wildness all day. But if you had it in mind to capture some quieter, tender moments in addition to the crazy ones, then consider bringing along a favourite activity that might slow them down, just for a moment. It could be a flying a kite, or a picnic to share. It might be a favourite book to read, or a basket for collecting flowers or shells. It’s totally up to you!

How do we prepare our home?

Minimally! You don’t have to have the whole house spring cleaned, just give me 2 or three tidied and decluttered rooms. I usually pick rooms that offer the best light and the most comfort to shoot in, these tend to be the living room, main bedroom and/or kids bedroom(s). I know what a house with kids can looks like, I live in one, so the most important thing is to not stress about a little mess!

I utilise natural light in my sessions, so all artificial light sources, lights, lamps, t.v’s and other screens can be left switched off, allowing me to assess the available natural light and use it to best illuminate your portraits.

I will always check with you first, but I usually end up shuffling things around, standing on a couch or bed to get the best perspective and the kids WILL get a free pass to jump on the beds during a session with me!

When should I book our newborn session?

  • If you like sleepy newborn photos, the ideal time for your newborn session is in the first 7-12 days.

  • After two weeks baby will be more alert and vocal. This is a great time for photos that capture your baby’s personality.

  • Session times are usually booked around the time baby will be most settled. Feeding your baby prior to the session will help keep them happy and settled, however, we are able to break for feeds and other needs whenever required.

Can I buy just the digital files?

Digital files are available, yes! But can you just get the digital files and no prints? Short answer no; And here’s why:

Good quality, professional prints last a lifetime. They bring joy, happiness and inspire togetherness. They tell YOUR story and celebrate moments in YOUR life. A USB full of images can not do any of that.

Creating tangible memories is incredibly important to me and to the ethos of my business.  Digital files are available as part of all my packages, each with a generous credit to go towards printing your photographs. That way your favourite images will be preserved for a lifetime in print as well as receiving them digitally.

What if someone in the family is sick?

If someone is sick, we reschedule! Simple and easy as that! Your photo session is an opportunity to spend some quality, fun family time together, so I want you all healthy and happy! Likewise, if I am unwell, we will also reschedule, with as much notice as possible.