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Hi, I’m Carrie

I am a lifestyle family photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia. I am a mum of two, who are my everything (and also the reason I start each morning with a strong coffee, and end the day with a glass of full-bodied red).

So easily I can get caught up in the need to’s and must have’s of life. A busy schedule distracting me from the simple things, the small moments. But it's often these small moments, the moments of connection, the hold of a hand, the smile between loved ones, the shared giggle of siblings up to no good. It's these moments that can fill our hearts with such joy & happiness.

When I photograph my kids, the world slows down. The noise of a busy life is hushed and the sound of their voices, their laughs, the giggles become clearer. I photograph my family to remember the small moments and to treasure the simple things. I photograph my family to truly be in the moment.

I want to give you permission to slow down, to be free of distractions, even if just for a moment. To reconnect with your loved ones, to let your kids be kids, to savour the moments and celebrate the milestones of your life together. And to have those captured moments forever.


My Style

I am all about joyful, moment driven images. Images full of tenderness and quiet gratitude, that tell the story of your family.

By keeping things relaxed and fun, I create a comfortable environment where you are free to interact in a natural way with each other and your environment.  

There is minimal posing and no forced smiles, rather gentle guidance is provided during the shoot to ensure the available light and environment is used to its full potential to take your images to the next level.

I pride myself on my ability to connect with young children,  so they are comfortable and empowered by the process and most of all, so they have fun!